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  • Jun 14, 2019

Use the™ website for online information with facts and information about responsible gun ownership, possession and use. While we are always updating this site, some of the content that you find here includes:

  • Do you need a weapon? This is the biggest question, what do you need it for and what are the alternatives to meet your needs.
  • If you do need one, do you have the time and ability to learn how to use it? A gun is a powerful instrument and responsible ownership means that you budget the time and money it will take to train you and your whole family in its use.
  • How will you store and employ a gun? Do you have a safe place that let’s you use a weapon when you need it, but prevents the untrained from authorized access.
  • If you have a gun now, what do you need to stay current? Firearm usage is a perishable skill, so consistent and constant practice is important.
  • What is your family plan for using a weapon, do you have a field plan and how to practice regularly.