Podcasts, Vlogs and Social Media

  • Post by Responsible.org
  • May 30, 2019

Responsible.org™’s latest foray into promotion of the responsible gun ownership possession and use is to move beyond the written world. We know that it’s much easier to understand things when we provide:

  • Podcasts. We are about to launch a series of podcasts and a service that summarizes useful audio content for you. So stay tuned, we will be appearing on Apple, Spotify and other podcast sites soon.
  • Vlogs. We have all done it; looked at YouTube as the source for responsible gun ownership and use. Our first effort will be to curate the information that is already online so that you get the most accurate information that you need.
  • Social Media. This is a lot of work, but we are just starting work on social media feeds including the usual suspects like Facebook and Twitter.

This is a new direction for us, so we welcome your feedback on how to have an impact on your lives and the people you know. Send us a note and let us note how you think we should proceed.